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Asset Tracking Solutions for Healthcare

Our Company offers a “healthcare-ready” Real Time Location System (RTLS) which takes equipment and patient tracking to the next level. Our solution allows complete visibility and timely location of healthcare assets; which is critical to safe and on-time care delivery in today’s fast-paced healthcare environment. Our solution is designed to be implemented in well-laid phases with a clear ROI model, incorporating proven methodologies to ensure success once our asset tracking system is implemented.

What are Real Time Location Systems?

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) are systems based on the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. A battery-powered tag is attached to the desired asset to be tracked; this tag broadcast a signal that is received by an antenna, which will transfer the information to a software system allowing you to know the precise location of the asset. RTLS are combined with a wide variety of wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi, UWB, Infrared, each meriting its own application and serving different purposes in healthcare.


As the healthcare industry struggles with the challenges of reducing cost our RTLS Asset Tracking solution helps reduce cost by meeting the financial, clinical, and patient care effectiveness goals. Asset management and timely availability of equipment is critical to safe and on-time care delivery. Our RTLS solution helps hospitals with equipment asset tracking, patient tracking and healthcare staff tracking to help them meet financial, patient care.


Our solution enables clinical effectiveness goals by providing consistently accurate answers when you need to know:

Where is the defibrillator, telemetry transmitter, infusion pump, wheelchair, or any other medical equipment I need?

Where is my patient (when I’m doing my rounds, prepped for a procedure, need to respond to an alarm)?

Who is available to transport my patient?

Where can I find my colleague for this consultation?


Our Asset Tracking Solution is Flexible, Scalable and offers these features:

RTLS platform supports hospital asset tracking, patient tracking and healthcare staff tracking

Wi-Fi or LAN-connected receivers sense radio signals from tags

Receivers send tag and receiver information to a server

Patented algorithms that calculate real-time location – which applies context algorithms to create situational awareness (who or what is where, and when).

Location data is easily shared with existing databases and applications through standard web interfaces, ODBC, SMS, and XML.


Benefits of Real-Time Location Systems

RTLS tracking produces critical data that when analyzed and interpreted generates a wealth of information to allow organizations to make well-informed business decisions.

Improved Efficiency

Eliminating time spent on locating equipment accelerates processes within your organization, allowing employees to focus on activities that effectively add value to care delivery to each patient.

Increased Patient Safety

By facilitating the completion of preventive maintenance Real-time tracking solutions will enable your medical staff to use only compliant and controlled assets for patient care.

Asset Loss Prevention

Being notified when an asset has been taken out of a certain area enables you to have a better control of your equipment, reducing the high costs of asset loss.

Reduced Capital Investment

Provides a clear understanding of equipment utilization, allowing you to, right size your inventory, and eliminate unnecessary equipment expenses. The RTLS solution we offer is the most economical, fastest to implement, and least disruptive system available to hospitals and medical centers. Once we evaluate your business needs and receive the floor plans in a CAD file we will customize an RTLS solution to meet the needs of your specific facility. Once approved and implemented, our RTLS solution can quickly improve the healthcare business processes, help reduce, and increases revenue. Our solution can be installed and deployed in 60 days; or less if a special situation arises.


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